• 696,000
  • According to the statistics issued by CNIPA, in 2021, China granted 696,000 invention patents.[Particular]

  • 22
  • China has established 22 local branches of the national oversea IP dispute and guidance centers.[Particular]

  • 12.13 trillion yuan
  • In 2020, the added value of patent-intensive industries in China reached 12.13 trillion yuan.[Particular]

  • IP opening doors for service tra
  • The 2021 China International Fair for Trade in Service (CIFTIS) came to an end on September 7. With the rapid development of the digital economy in the world, Chinese innovations and IP achievements displayed at the fair make people appreciate the fast advancement in this field, and also allow themselves to be filled with expectations for the broad prospects of service trade during the 14th Five-Year Plan.[Particular]

  • China urges cartoon producers to
  • China's broadcasting regulator said it will encourage online producers to create "healthy" cartoons and clamp down violent, vulgar or pornographic content.[Particular]

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