• 35.4%
  • 35.4% of the light and medium-sized vehicles sold in Chile in 2023 were made in China.[Particular]

  • 120
  • Great progress for China's construction of an IP powerhouse nation,relevant index claims 120 points in 2023.[Particular]

  • 696,000
  • According to the statistics issued by CNIPA, in 2021, China granted 696,000 invention patents.[Particular]

  • Chinese Culture Venturing Out
  • Recently,the original modern dance drama"Dongpo:Life in Poems",created by the interna-tionally renowned choreographer and dancer Shen Wei,was staged in Washington,USA.The drama is one of the annual projects of"Imagine China"brand of the China Arts and Entertainment Group.[Particular]

  • China urges cartoon producers to
  • China's broadcasting regulator said it will encourage online producers to create "healthy" cartoons and clamp down violent, vulgar or pornographic content.[Particular]

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