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  Glass art is a precious cultural heritage in Zibo's history and a vibrant calling card for the city in Shandong Province.Currently,Boshan District,Zibo City,is embrac-ing its busy season,receiving New Year's orders from all over the coun-try.Many visitors came here to experi-ence the entire process of glass art pro-duction.In 2008,the craft of glass-blowing was inscribed on the National Intangible Cultural Heritage List.Nowadays,traditional glassblowing in Boshan has undergone technological innovation and strengthened protec-tion of intellectual property rights in the new era.With the cultural tourism industry of Boshan thriving,this growth continues to contribute to the inheritance and development of tradi-tional culture.


  Recently,dragon dance and other artistic performances were staged under the UK's iconic London Eye.An 18-meter-long golden dragon from Tongliang,a district of Chongqing,was unveiled during the performances.The Tongliang Dragon Dance was inscribed on the National Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2006.The spectacular and beautiful performance of the Tongliang Dragon Dance perfectly showcased the unique style,long history and rich traditions of Chinese culture.Under the protec-tion of intellectual property rights,vari-ous Chinese New Year customs are thriving around the world,spreading the unique charm of Chinese culture far and wide.



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