More Chinese brands make their name overseas

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  Yu Tong pure electric buses shuttle locals and fans during the World Cup in Qatar. DJI drones fly over farms all around the world, helping farmers manage their corps. Galanz rakes in 30% of its export revenues from the Belt and Road countries. A host of Chinese brands are becoming brilliant business cards representing China in international markets.


  Investing in building plants and R&D centers overseas, using international e-commerce platforms for distribution, playing the culture card through products and services, buying oversea businesses directly are some of the means Chinese brands invoke to refine their branding structures, shape their images as international brands and explore broader space for development. China has amassed 21.84 trillion yuan from export in the first 11 months of the year, according to Chinese customs statistics.


  The confidence and vigor emanating from Chinese brands are the conviction of the Chinese economy in constant, stable and healthy development. Building a brand takes time. With incessant uptick of their quality, innovative activities and contents, Chinese brands will sail in the globe with flying colors.










  BYD: Efficient travel with low-carbon footprints




  The 3,000,000th new energy vehicle rolled off BYD's production line recently. BYD's years of technology and market accumulation have contributed tremendously to the surge of the Chinese auto industry. Its pure electric buses are currently serving over 400 cities in 70 countries and regions, offering quality options for traveling.




  MINISO: Innovative retail expands fast




  MINISO opened another shop in France recently, making its oversea network above 2,000 shops. As a retail brand of daily goods, MINISO creates customized shopping experiences to fit local tastes through working with other brands and innovative design.




  Mixue Bingcheng: Sweet taste collects fans




  Tea beverage brand Mixue Bingcheng is eyeing the Japanese and Korean markets after establishing presence in Southeast Asia. Its first Japanese shop will open soon in Tokyo, which will keep bringing the “sweet taste” from China to other parts of the world. Its budget pricing for reasonable quality products, mascot “Snow King” and recognizable theme melody make its Chinese brand optics more distinctive.




  SHEIN: Small order and rapid response create welcomed clothes




  Ladies' garment e-commerce platform SHEIN relies on instant production immediately after the arrival of needs to become a leader among global fashion sites while being characterized as “faster than Zara and cheaper than Amazon”. The company had breached 16 billion USD in sales revenues in the first half and penetrated almost all major markets around the world.




  Florasis: Oriental aesthetics refreshes fashion




  Beauty brand Florasis strives to integrate traditional Chinese culture elements into product development, visual style, marketing, having coupled tradition with fashion and delivered oriental aesthetics to the world. It has been taking advantage of oversea mainstream social media platforms to interact with consumers and expand its brand influence.






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